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Image by SIMON LEE

Group match pricing

We do not charge you extra money if you would like to engage us to initiate the group matching flow. We only request minimum order for beverage consumption as such.


Ask the other table if they would join your table.

1 x shooters for everyone in the other table

$38 /shot


If the other table says “Yes”

New order of a bottled spirit / 1 more drink per person



A the 20th minute

A rack of shooters with majority and minority color

$150 / 6
$120 / 4

*PLEASE NOTE: By default it would be the table who sends out group matching invitations paying for all orders within the group matching flow including the pre-set orders and any additional orders made during the match. If you have initiated a group matching invitation, this means you acknowledge that all relevant expenses relevant to this group matching would be borne by your table only.  

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