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Group Match

__Two (tables) Is A Party

By default it would be the table who sends out group matching invitations paying for all orders within the group matching flow.

   1. Text them first   


See some interesting people at the other table and want to play with them together? We can help you ask. However, we always suggest you to break the ice by texting them via your table phone first.

   2. Enjoy your night   


If the text conversation goes all well with the other table and you don’t need our staff’s help, that’s great! Just go with your own flow and we will jump to step 7 - we'll present a rack of shooters with majority and minority color at the 20th minute since two tables have joint together. 

   3. A little help to break the ice   


No response? We are here to help. Just buy the other table a round of shooters (1 shot per person for the other table), we can then help you ask whether they would like to join your table. Simply talk to or text us, e.g. “invite table 3 to join us for group matching.”

   4. A nice shot is on its way   


We will take a round of shooters to your targeted table and let them know the drink is on you. We will also remind them to read this page to familiarize with the matching flow and ask whether they would like to join your table.

   5. Wait for the response   


There would be 3 potential outcomes.

Yes - congrats, we will move on to step 6.

No - don’t get too frustrated, maybe they just need more drinks to warm up. Try again later!

Maybe - this is very likely the result, because the group would need to digest and probably discuss among themselves, so let’s keep the option open for 5 minutes. If they have said yes / texted “yes” to us within 5 minutes, we will move on to step 6. Otherwise, it means a no.

   6. If they say yes   


Given a “Yes”, the table being invited will join the table of the inviters. The inviter will order a new round of drinks for everyone (or a bottle). We will also deliver playing cards for our recommended drinking games. If the group would simply love to chit chat, feel free. 

   7. See if things work out   


Step 7 - easy come, easy go. Whenever a group has joined the new table, we will only keep your original table (now empty) for 20 minutes. At precisely the 20th minute, we will come to the large table and present you a rack of shooters with 2 different colors. If all of you have chosen to drink the majority color, it means everybody is happy and good to play together. If any one of you do not feel comfortable playing together, you can choose to drink the minority color, then we will friendly propose to all, "it seems they need some me time now, let's play together next time!"

   8. To be or not to be   


There would only be 2 outcomes.

All of you have chosen to drink the shooters of majority color - great! We will clear the original table and now the 2 groups are merged as one. 

Anyone of you have chosen the minority color - well, maybe they just want to spend the night among old friends. 2 groups will be separated and the invitee will return to their original table. Any unfinished drinks / shisha will remain at the inviting table. 

Halftone Image of Crowd

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