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Individual Match

__We can definitely play together

   1. Buy her a drink   


See someone you like sitting alone? Just buy her a drink and we will help you ask whether she wants to drink with you. Simply talk to our crew.

   2. We will do all the legwork   


We will take your invitation drink to her and let her know the drink is on you. We will also remind her to read this page to familiarize with the matching flow.

   3. Let's see how it goes   


There would be 3 potential outcomes. 

Yes - congrats, we will move on to step 4. 

No - don’t get too frustrated, maybe next time. 

Maybe - perhaps everyone needs some time to digest, so let’s keep the option open for 5 minutes. If she says yes to us within 5 minutes, we will move on to step 4. Otherwise, it means a no. Whenever there is a “yes”, we will let you know immediately.

   4. If she say yes   


Given we have got a “Yes”, we will firstly get everything ready - 2 welcoming drinks on her table. We will move you to sit with her and we will share with you the design concept of our welcoming drinks (sounds like your Omakase chef?). At the same time, a freshly-made shisha is on its way to the table. 

   5. We are here for the rescue   


We know that feeling - vibe can go wrong sometimes, so we are here to rescue! At precisely the 20th minute, we will come to your table with 2 shots - 1 for you each. If any of you do not finish the shot and say something like “nah, thanks but I can’t drink any more.”, that means matching is over! We will politely request you to return to your original table, any unfinished shisha / drinks will be moved to your original table. Perfect escape, right? 

   6. Let's enjoy the company    


If both of you have finished the shot at the 20th minute, good news! This means both of you are happy with the conversation so far and would like to continue. So let’s enjoy the rest of your night here in Teddy Bear with you new friend. 

Halftone Image of Crowd

Wanna try?

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