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The House Phone
_the party starter

We hope you’re not just a Textrovert or a Keyboard Warrior but you are also open-for-chat in real life. However, we can’t deny that a bit of text (plus a bit of emoji and stickers) adds a lot of color to communication, especially with someone you barely know. 

Snapchat like an instant friend


To make everyone’s life easier, we have prepared a tablet for each table with Snapchat installed. All house Snapchat accounts are already added as friends.


So, what’s the point of just eyeing other tables? Strike a “Hi” on Snapchat! Remember it is Snapchat, it allows you to send disappearing messages, so grab your chance and be bold!


Cutesy teddy bear is all you need


Don’t know what to say? We have made life even easier by installing a pack of Teddy-Bear-themed stickers. So if you are too shy to use your go-to pickup lines, you can always kick start the conversation using our stickers.


They are interested, look at the display

Messages not read? Sometimes people are just too busy enjoying themselves with friends and drinks. That’s why in addition to the tablet, we have placed a 20 cm x 20 cm electronic display on every table. Whenever there is an incoming Snapchat message, or some other tables are posting Snapchat stories, the electronic display will let them know. Stay alert to the screen to keep the convo going!


Happy texting. This service is free of charge.

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